Meet the Creator

Made By Kippen | Made in Charlotte

Hi! My name is Kippen. This venture started for me in 2018  when I began experimenting with candles in search of a particular perfume oil that I've worn for over 25 years. I love that oil so much, so I began to combine my love for candles with my love of that signature scent. During my time of discovery, I was introduced to a completely new world and a creative outlet that has now evolved into something I would have never imagined.

When I first began making candles, I was using simple glass containers. In an effort to produce more unique vessels, I began experimenting with concrete. I love the sustainability that concrete offers and being able to re-use the container once the candle is done. After a lot of trial and error, I finally came to realize the vision for my brand, by utilizing concrete and custom molds, into what has been a whirlwind of creativity ever since. 

I hand pour each and every product out of my home in Charlotte, and no two pieces are ever the same.