Scent Descriptions

We are always testing new high quality scents to add to our line.  Right now we have these 10 to choose from.  All of our fragrance oils are infused with essential oils and are always phthalate free.

Tonic-Hints of sage and a light minty undertone.  Super fresh and perfect for the warmer months. My personal favorite.

Salt+Orchid-This fragrance oil is a smooth and elegant blend of soft floral notes with salty highlights. You’ll notice crisp ozonic notes of sea salt with calming notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, and tonka bean. Infused with orange oil.  

Elderflower-Incredibly complex, yet uniquely gentle.  Floral, but not heavy. A light,fresh and clean scent.

Rosemary+Mint-A refreshing blend of rosemary, fresh garden herbs and zesty mint.

Volcano-Tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, with lightly exotic mountains greens.  Super popular choice.

Salt+Sea-On the heavier side, this oil is infused with cardamon and clove leaf and a base of amber and sea salt.  

Tobacco-Creamy vanilla and dark brown sugar mix together with smoky tobacco and mahogany woods. 


Chestnut-is a warm, woodsy scent that’s at once comfortingly familiar and unexpectedly complex. Top notes of caramelized sugar envelop toasty chestnut and hints of clove and cinnamon, while notes of tonka, vanilla, and cedar provide an equally sweet and earthy finish. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including cedarwood, fir needle, patchouli, lemon, geranium, and coriander seed.

Sugar+Fig-a warm embrace for your senses. Top notes of ripe fig, caramelized sugar, and a touch of sea salt come through right away, while deep brown sugar makes up the heart of this fragrance. Dark musk and amber in the base reinforce the richness of this enticing scent. This fragrance oil is infused with lemon essential oil.

Pomegranate -starts with a very strong, traditional apple cider note, citrus, and rhubarb, but adds the tart and tangy kick of fresh pomegranate. It's very unique and highly addictive! This fragrance oil is infused with the essential oils cardamom, nutmeg, and orange.

Cypress+Bay-Saunter through an evergreen forest with this fragrance. It opens with cooling eucalyptus. Middle notes of cypress, moss, and bayberry blend with rich undertones of fir, patchouli, and sweet incense. Fir, patchouli, eucalyptus, and mint essential oils intensify the fresh foliage notes.

Balsam+Fire-Our #1 seller from 2018 is back.  This special blend of balsam and fire is refreshing outdoor woodsy blend with pine notes and a base of light cedar and warm musk. It does not disappoint!!