No. 42| Table Top Fire Pit

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"Well, isn't this just cozy" says my 7 year old daughter. We definitely agree. The table top fireplaces are sure to be the coziest piece of concrete we have made yet! These one of kind pieces burn off of the clean burning isopropyl alcohol which makes this fire pit a great addition for both indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for s'mores, or a hot dog or two, or to just to add a little extra ambience to any random night at home.    

 *Each piece comes with safety instructions.  Colors may vary due to the nature of concrete.

Usage: Our Tabletop Fire Pit is to only be used by non-intoxicated, responsible adults, ages eighteen (18) and older. NEVER LEAVE Tabletop Fire Pit around children and/or pets without adult supervision.
* Place unit on a steady, heat resistant surface.
* Using 70% or 91% isopropyl alcohol ONLY 
* Always light the Tabletop Fire Pit using a long-handled lighter.
a. Note: if using 70% alcohol, it may take time to get the unit going, especially if it is cold or if there is a breeze outdoors. The unit will get hot as a result of the flame, so please DO NOT ATTEMPT to move the Tabletop Fire Pit until it has fully cooled. The unit will cool about 10-15 minutes after flame has been completely snuffed out.
b. ***DO NOT ATTEMPT to blow the flame out; instead SNUFF THE FLAME OUT with
something non-flammable.

*Do not attempt to move Tabletop Fire Pit while the Pit is lit, and NEVER LEAVE PIT unattended while it is burning.
*  Our Tabletop Fire Pits may be used indoors in well-ventilated areas only, or outdoors. Burn times will range from 10-30 minutes depending on amount of alcohol used.